Hi, I'm Tam.

Let me help your business with analytics. data-driven marketing.

I help companies with data-driven strategies and drive more conversions with analytics. With my technical expertise and business acumen, I’m passionate about bring optimal solutions to make your business more successful.

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“Tam’s work ethic and learning attitude are outstanding. She not only does her work inside her duty, she goes beyond and always seeks for improvement. She thrives in the workplace and brings energy and positive attitude! She is definitely a valuable asset to the team!”

Riho Nakamoto

Sales Coordinator at Organika Health Products Inc.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Tam at Organika as her direct manager. Tam is a real fast learner and she was able to surprise me learning new tools super fast. I remember that we were working on a project together and she had to learn a new BI system pretty quickly and she was able to do it in a week and present many solutions to the whole team using the new application. Furthermore, Tam is one of the happiest teammates I had the chance to work with! It makes a great difference in our environment when you work closely with someone with that vibe.”

Eric Sesiki Martins

Sr. Sales Support & Analytics Manager at Organika Health Products Inc.

“Tam has been a great strategist to work with. She is an amazing communicator and always meets the clients expectations. One recommendation I would advise her to continue upon is keeping the excellent work and become an expert with the different platforms.”

Michael Carbonnier

Data Analyst at Colliers International | Founder of Turning The Tides

How I Can Help Your Business

I help businesses increase more ROI with a systematic process of conversion optimization, sales copywriting and test-driven design.

My client, Turning The Tides, struggled with driving sales due to under-optimized website design and copywriting. I helped the business increase sales by 315% within the first month with three main phases:

  1. Research and Audit
  2. Copywriting and Wireframing
  3. Website Redesign and SEO Optimization

See my selected works below.

Or see my resume for qualification profile.

I help businesses acquire and retain customers with major acquisition channels using a test-driven approach. 

Turning The Tides grew 315% with a systematic Google Ads and Instagram Influencer strategy with a low budget. This enabled the business to compete with a multi-million dollar business, Coconut Bowls, in the Canadian market.

You can see my resume for my qualifications.

I help businesses create useful, actionable analytics to save money and increase revenue. Software used: Google Analytics, R, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI.

I helped Organika, a health product company in Richmond, Canada, to transform traditional sales reports into growth and profit-driven visual dashboards to support executive decision making. I also optimized their inventory process with ABC analysis and demand forecasting using machine learning models with 80-90% overall accuracy.

See my selected works below or resume for details on how I work with major analytical software.

Selected Works

Research-based Web Design for Conversion Optimization-A Case Study

A marketer’s guide to conversion focused design using test-driven approach.

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Which promotion should be used to increase sales? A fast-food chain’s marketing campaign case study

Analyze which promotion has the greatest effect on sales with predictive modeling using modern R packages.

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What rental properties should be invested to maximize profits? A real estate case study

Analyze ROI in real estate with Excel modeling and Tableau dashboard

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